CCMX002 -- Man of a Certain Age (Selman)

01. Street Sounds 12/04/15
02. Wedding Service
03. We Are After All Here by Broadcast and The Focus Group
04. Fingers in the Wind by Rahsaan Roland Kirk
05. Shepherd Boy by Unknown
06. Switch Interlude by Selman
07. A Very Slow Waltz For Walter Levin by Manuel Zurria
08. Alpha Centauri by Rodion G.A.
09. Demo 3 by David Heitkotter
10. Volunteer Workday by Selman
11. Sad Crocodile by Shepherds of Cats
12. Railroad by Piero Umiliani
13. Wanna Leave by Cold Hands
14. Enableme by Selman
15. Game With The Tin Cat / Who’s That Waving by Selman
16. Body image by Not Waving
17. Picturefactory In a Can 2015 and Dave’s Brother Says Sorry
18. Marrowhead by Selman
19. Unknown by Robin Hood
20. Love’s Light by Ensemble Dissonanzen
21. Luna Fantastik by Alex Nelson
22. Constellations by Duster
23. Maggie In The Sty With Gluons by Jack Spelman
24. Naima by John Coltrane
25. Church Service Organ and Laughter
26. Shingle by Selman
27. Wedding Service Closes and Hymn
28. That Would Have Been a Good Place to End / Abemy by Selman