CCMX003 -- JHassall

01. Sterne auf 45 by XAO SEFFCHEQUE
02. Handshake by Fad Gadget
03. A Rainbow in Curved Air by Terry Riley
04. Chicken Picken by Jackie Lynn (Circuit Des Yeux)
05. Meltdown Situation by The 012
06. Mouth Battery Beast by Whitehouse
07. Inner Crisis Conflict by Genocide Organ
08. Lit Negative by MJ Guider
09. CHEETAHT2 (Ld spectrum) by Aphex Twin
10. Troubless Times by Genocide Organ
11. Trigger Kids by Delroy Edwards
12. You’ll Simply Never Understand the True Nature of Sacrifice by Alessandro Adriani
13. You Say No by Morah
14. 1089s by Nhk yx koyxen
15. More of the Same by Vatican Shadow
16. …And I Tried So Hard by Tomorrow the Rain Will Fall Upwards
17. 00/346 + 00/380 (Dandy Jack & The Queen of Mars Mix) by Conrad Schnitzler
18. Kids in a Coma by Eric Copeland
19. Hellstation by Ke/Hil
20. Salt & Pepper Peanuts by JHassall