01. I Spoke to the Devil in Miami He Said Everything Would Be Fine by XXXTENTACION
02. Let Me Out (No There's Nobody In The Cellar Mix) by Morane
03. Guitar Motor Drone by Brian House
04. Disrobe Me (To further Disrespect techno or noise or whatever) practice by MOIST
05. Things We Never Did by Sad Lovers and Giants
06. New York Grief by Vini Vidi Vici w/ Princess Demeny
07. AMEN by Chief Wookie
08. well heck you w anaemic by pussbear
09. Schadenfreude by VALIS
10. Reports From The Heart by Winston Tong
11. estatestatestate by Kania Tieffer
12. Gasses tu asses by Riff Daniels
13. Wooden Bag by Richard Dawson
14. Pocket Underground by Bill Orcutt
15. No Hay by Pelada
16. The Molestor by Mijo
17. Taxi Helms by ASSS
18. (I Know) a Girl Called Johnny by Rowland S. Howard
19. COWBOY by House Dance
20. Alone Amongst The Crowd by Peter Grudzien
21. Blue-Green Arrow by Yo La Tengo
22. Veil Like Calm by Eyeless In Gaza